Looking into the smaller world around us

View of a curvilinear world

I spent a lot of my early life peering through a microscope and seeing all which is hidden from the naked eye gave me a fascination with the little details dwelling all around us.  Some would propose the world we interact with every day only exists because of the myriad of tiny events happening around us which we are completely oblivious.  Others would respond to point out the micro world is constantly tossed and turned by actions we macro-beings engage in so how could these little pieces of reality truly have an impact on our lives.

Not really my point here to try and resolve this difference of perspective.  My interest lies in the images of this world, beautiful scenes we either take for granted or don’t take the time to observe, much to our aesthetic loss.  Here are a pair of bubbles, nothing more.  It’s not important what created them or what tools I used to take this picture – they’re just a pair of beautifully thin films, curved on themselves to minimize their surface tension.  They appeared, and disappeared soon after this picture was made.  Then more bubbles appeared, and so on.  To a bubble, we must appear like mountains, solid creatures that never move over the span of a bubble’s life.  I wonder if we appear as pleasing to them as they do to us…


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