Lines and curves

Soccer Storage

The nets on the soccer goals near our house have been tied up in anticipation of the first freeze as winter insistently moves toward us.  Guess they do this between seasons instead of taking them down; never know, a stray nice day could wander by – a lost Indian summer sort of day – and the players can get in one last game before the goal frames sit empty in the snow.

I like the shapes formed by the net here, with the bottom simply tied to the top and left to hang in the wind.  All those straight lines of cord and knots bent by gravity into a curve from one side to the other.  And the nice yellow color stands out well against the last green of the field.  Color differences like this help to create depth in photographs, a skill I’m very much a novice at at this point in my career but am seeing the opportunities and learning how to take advantage of them.


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