Crystal cases

The winter weather is exhibiting a full range of options this Christmas week, just to remind us how little concern the earth has for our human holidays.  We were assured of a white Christmas with the earlier snow, but a slight rise in temperature and misting rain/sleet showed up, coating the north side of just about everything with a sheath of ice.  The pictures below are a few scenes I found in our back yard.

With an icy layer on the pine needles and bare trees, the north wind came next, gusting 20-30 mph to see if it could break down limbs and shrubs.  Around here we see little damage, thankfully, and the birds still have their shelter under the two pines in the back yard.  Today they have been continually flying between their spots in the lower limbs to the seed I’ve spread around the lower deck.  At least they will have a few calories to deal with the cold and wind.

Having clothed the world with ice, the weather’s next act is to turn loose the snow again; a steady stream has been falling for several hours this afternoon and the weather gurus are promising us more over the next 24 hours.  Hope parents included sleds on their list of kids’ toys.

Winter is God’s way of reminding us to slow down, think about our place in the world, and reflect on our relationship with each other.  Snow and ice remind us how easily we can be isolated but also provide a chance to spend time with people unencumbered by an urge to rush off to something.

Merry Christmas to all, regardless of your climatic situation.  Take the time to be a part of the world and the people around you.


One thought on “Crystal cases

  1. really nice light in these shots – ads by Google I’m impressed.

    Santa brought me a 1D Mk III for Christmas, which is soooo complicated I think I need to go back to SI and learn how to use it. All those tip sessions on a Sunday evening teaching you the custom functions etc.


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