Interpret a scene – me?

I’ve got an opportunity to enter a jurored art show at a local gallery and am completely blocked.  The resident artist and show host has provided a image for inspiration, a painting of a coastal city with buildings, bridge, sailboats, etc.  The instructions are to interpret this scene in my style and medium.

Obviously my medium is photography but I’ve been looking through my images containing all these elements and I have no idea how to portray them in a way that “interprets” the scene given.  Let’s face it, do I even have a style?   Is it a literal perspective, an abstract, a collage, something painterly?  Usually I’m pretty creative when given a starting point but this one has me stumped, against a deadline of the end of this week.

Certainly a challenge to take images already in hand and use them to create a new image representing something new, something that wasn’t in my mind at the time I made the pictures originally.  Here I have a chance to broaden my mind about my own work – and I’m hitting a wall.

I think entering this show is something that will connect me more with the local art scene and people, one of my goals for 2010.  It would be nice to start off with an image people are interested in looking at beyond a single glance – right now I’m wondering if it’ll be more than a blank frame….


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