Light sources

Photographers need light – pushing the shutter release in a dark closet gets you a picture of nothing regardless of how long you leave it open.  When you start looking around, though, it’s amazing the variety of light sources available to us.  Sometimes it just requires a little patience and willingness to work in the dark….

I have this toy purchased from some forgotten store way back in my past.  It’s one you can rearrange into various shapes, but the cool attribute is that it glows in the dark.  Sort of a greenish, ghostly light.  Well, here, take a look –

Pretty interesting effect.  Since we don’t point our cameras at the sun we rarely get the opportunity to photograph an object emitting its own light.  Opportunities for images abound, not the least because I can reshape the toy.  And, I can use it as a source of light as well to illuminate other objects in this pale, unearthly glow.


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