Other landscapes

I’m drawn to the outdoors.  My bias for photography is to go out there and bring back interesting scenes and stories.  Ask me where that is and I’ll point to mountains, rivers, valleys, forests, deserts, etc.  That’s where my mind goes immediately when I think about photographing landscapes.

A classmate from photography school has a different bias, though.  Jimmy White has put together a kit for underwater photography so he can go to the landscapes he’s drawn to and bring back scenes and stories appealing to him.  It’s easy to forget how much of the earth’s surface is water, and even easier to forget there are landscapes beneath the seas and oceans that rival the mountain ranges and prairies of our surface world.  Truly here’s a part of the outdoors that only a few people will ever see directly, but through the efforts of people like Jimmy, we can all appreciate what’s down there.

Click on these links to see his photography and follow his blog.


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