Article of the week – Feb. 12

Each week I plan to post a link to one article I found to be inspirational to my photography.  It might be a technical demonstration, an editorial on visual imagery or just a gallery of really great photographs.  A casual surfing on the search engine of your choice confirms the abundance of information on the web about this craft; I just want to point out some of the gems I run across for readers who are on the same journey with their photography.

I check in on the Luminous Landscape site almost every day to see what’s new.  In addition to a great archive of articles on many aspects of photography, as well as reviews or tutorials on the latest technology, I find commentary that makes me think in different ways about my photography.  For this week I’m pointing you to an article by George Barr on learning from the best images.  As you’ll read, he discusses what great images have in common and how to search for those elements in the world around us.  Single, specific examples throughout the article help reinforce the lesson.

You can learn more about George on his website.  And the link to the article is here.

Please feel free to post a comment with an article you’ve found particularly appealing.  Enjoy.


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