Omaha Beach

Our local camera club as been around for almost 85 years now, so members are pretty connected with the community.  A benefit of that is we get asked to come photograph different events in the area, especially the charitable ones.  It gives us a chance to work on technique, see different things, become more known as photographers in the area and generally have some fun.  This weekend was Omaha’s Sand in the City contest to benefit Nebraska’s Children’s Home, an adoption agency.  Several tons of sand were dumped in a parking lot near downtown and Friday 17 corporate teams (with a little professional help) sculpted their mounds into different scenes.

From a photographic standpoint it was a challenging environment.  Most of the tents were red/white striped so the sunlight coming through had a reddish cast that had to be removed in post-processing.  Not that you could really tell – most people who weren’t tanned were sunburned! 

Also, making images showing the sculptures and people working on them meant having a really bright background where the tent wasn’t shading the sun.  But I found where you composed close to your subject, making it obvious what the story of the picture was to be, the bright background didn’t distract that much.  My eye kept returning to the subject in the foreground.


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