What’s old is new again

I spend most of photography time attempting to deliver images that are reasonable approximations of what I was seeing. My desire is for the color, exposure, sharpness, composition, etc. to all be exactly what the scene portrayed to me as I was standing there. I think most outdoor photographers are striving for this result when they are documenting a scene or even when trying to tell a story with their work. The viewing public seems to appreciate the quality of a good image made this way – one that gives them a “you are there” experience.

Among “people” photographers I see less formal poses and lighting as the trend toward photojournalistic compositions continues. These images range from color to B&W and some shades in between as they photographer tries to capture a mood or catch the viewer’s eye. Certainly more dynamic and fun than those standing-before-the-backdrop portraits.

One of my classmates, however, is taking a decidedly retro approach to her images and it really works for her artistic style. Kimber worked hard in school to learn how to bring this 1970’s look to her processed images, including how to get those rounded corners on images displayed on screen or as prints. As someone who has gone through countless family albums from that time, I can attest to how close she’s getting to the days of Instamatics and drugstore print film. Isn’t it great to see someone using 21st century technology to express her vision of the world several decades ago?


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