Summer light shows

Summer certainly means fireworks, for any number of occasions.  Even where shooting them off is patently illegal you can always hear the booms and see the lights in the sky.  There’s something about the sight of colored lights in the sky controlled by man that just makes summer bigger and more open than any other season.  All you have to do is watch and listen while little kids turn their heads upward to enjoy a fireworks show – that will remind you what summer is all about.

And the technology continues to be inspiring.  More colors, more shapes, complex interactions, longer durations.  Each company trying to outperform their competition with secret power formulations and advanced control systems.  Building on ancient knowledge discovered by the Chinese these entertainment companies fulfill expectations for a bright and noisy summer evening.

Fireworks over water are especially grand, with the reflections doubling the scene and the shadows of boats anchored for vantage points.  A much more safe way to display, naturally, that adds to the experience as you sit on the shore and gaze across the water to the show being put on in the dark.

Here are a few images from a recent fireworks show we attended on the last night of the  National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan.  Enjoy!


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