Sometimes it’s just a nice evening

Olympus OM-1, 50mm, Kodak Gold 200

Finally pulled out my old 35mm film camera after discovering several rolls of print film in the freezer.  Didn’t realize we’d stockpiled so much but I guess with the shift to digital it all got forgotten.  A website I follow challenged photographers to take out one camera/one lens and shoot some film for a while.  Well, actually, the challenge was to pick up a used Leica M series, hook on a Leica 50mm lens and shoot just B&W film for a year but I really wasn’t interested in the investment in equipment or time so I pulled my Olympus OM-1 out of the closet and started working my way through the color print film.

Since I’d pulled the battery out of the camera years ago and finally bought a handheld light meter, I thought sunset pictures would be a good challenge for exposure and to see if I’d improved my composition skills in the past two years.  Poor composition was the primary reason I’d stuffed the camera in the closet in the first place but now seemed a good time to pick it up again and see what I could do without the instant feedback of a screen on the back of the camera.

All in all I’m pleased with these first attempts.  The viewfinder is so big and bright it has refreshed my interest in composing.  And the film (Kodak Gold 200) gives a nice, vacation-y look to the pictures.  Still have several rolls to work through so my plan is to fall in love with the OM-1 again.  Probably not a bad idea since Olympus obviously has no plans for a full-frame digital and apparently are walking away from their DSLR line in the near future.


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