Fall Paean

Autumn has officially started since the sun has finally passed through the equinox.  This spot in space and time is where two different imaginary lines cross resulting in the sun being directly overhead at Earth’s equator.  What most of us see is a nearly equal number of hours of day and night.

I like fall – it’s my favorite time of year.  Not the least is the fact that photographers don’t have to get up before 5am to get the good light nor do they have to stay out past 9pm for the warm sunsets.  Photographers as a whole aren’t necessarily lazy, but do enjoy a sense of normality during some parts of the year and fall is one of those times.

Of course, spending normal hours out in the landscape is just one benefit.  Depending on where you live there are the colors in the trees, the blue in the sky, the lower humidity giving clearer horizons, and the busy wildlife preparing for winter.  The lazy days of summer (at least what used to be lazy days before the 24 hour, totally connected society took over) giving way to the increased activity of college football, back to school, raking leaves, and tuning up the snow removal equipment.

Looking in my photograph file I find more images of autumn than any other season so apparently my eye is drawn to the scenes of this season.  Don’t know why it clicks with me so well but I’m pleased to be able to record what I see and create images that hopefully elicit some of the emotions of the time.

If you have images that speak to fall there’s a place you can share them right now.  The blog for Rocky Mountain School of Photography has an assignment for you to show off some of your fall pictures and talk about them a bit.  Check out their site and see what you’ve got to offer.


2 thoughts on “Fall Paean

  1. I agree fall is a great time, I’m going back to the Lake District (with two camara bodies this time, I learned my lesson last year). Thanks for the heads up on RMSP assignment, I looked the other day but they hadn’t posted it, it’s about time I did something just for me to have fun.


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