That Evening Glow

Our eyes adjust so readily and rapidly to changing light that we sometimes don’t notice the beauty around us.  For outdoor photographers the truly wonderful light is when the sun is just below the horizon, be it in the morning or evening.  The strong contrasts disappear as the even light loses shadow power and the greater level of UV light in the sky makes certain objects almost fluorescent.  Glancing around the backyard with our evolved eyesight it’s easy to disregard the fleeting moments of performance by certain things like autumn leaves.

Seeing it and realizing it are two important elements but they must be coupled with the right tools to preserve the moment.  Color slide film is one of the best means to capture and preserve the light and color of a fall evening.  Looking at a slide that’s evenly backlit correctly is like looking out a little window and seeing something real right before your eyes.  That little LCD screen on the back of your digital camera just doesn’t give the same thrill….

Kodachrome 64, OM-1, 50mm, f/2, 1/30 sec


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