The past is not what it used to be

ISO 100, 40mm, 1/160 sec., f/6.3

Doing some housekeeping on my image files gave me the opportunity to look over some photographs I’d made back when I was “not yet serious” about being a photographer.  Looking at them critically I can see the attempts at composition, exposure, compositional elements, etc.; an intent that was at least trying more than snapshots.  The trend was obviously color and how light can affect the saturation.  How light to shadow variations can make an typical scene look a little more interesting.  How there might be a story there somewhere if only because a subject caught my eye.

An instructor I had once said we risk being seduced by color in photography, where the saturation of an object dazzles us so completely that we miss the subject of the photograph.  Over the past couple of years I can see that condition in my photographs.  I’m sure there was something of merit in a scene or why would I have pulled the camera out and make a picture?  But now I mostly see colors or distant bright objects in those images.  To my credit at least now when I get seduced by color I at least get closer to the object and make it a more obvious subject…..


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