Tired of lighting your subject?

Play around with different lights and exposure on a subject long enough and you’ll reach the point where it just gets tiring. Why can’t subjects just light themselves?

Oh, wait. They can.

ISO 100, 50mm, 10 sec., f/2.2

So I’ve got this tube of phosphorescent paint lying around (it’s a long story) and I’m wondering what to with it.  Just finished a session practicing lightpainting and realized here’s something that truly paints with light.  I squeezed out this shape (sculpting is not my thing) and played around with exposures, both of light on the paint to make it glow and setting on the camera to capture what is really dim light if you’re a digital sensor.

OK, that was fun.  What’s next?

ISO 100, 50mm, 10 sec., f/2.2, Photoshop Filter Extrude, Exclusion Blending Mode

This is what Photoshop is for – just screwing around with an unusual image to make it more unusual.  I can’t imagine how these settings might find their way into a landscape or portrait but now I know what they look like on an image.  Never know when you might need such a look…..

Photography is not recording reality (according to Ansel Adams), it’s the recording of your perception of reality.  Because of any number of technical differences between our eye/brain system and film/sensor/display system a photograph will remain merely an attenuated version of what we really see.  This is not a limitation but merely an acknowledgment that it is the photographer who “makes” a photograph, not the tools used.  And as any creator knows, you can make something any way you want.




One thought on “Tired of lighting your subject?

  1. Interesting use of product. No need to answer I wonder is it expensive or dangerous? Reminds me of food cookery where they use nitrogen or something to create a misty effect, very wow but not for everyday. Thanks for sharing, I love your enthusiasm and the way you continue to explore.


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