Structure is all around

The renewal of colors is starting around here now that the snow is gone and warming winds are blowing.  Some plants tentatively poke a little green up, as if to gauge the climate for subsequent effort.  Others just spring up uninhibited, ready to proclaim another year of life.  Some of these are whacked down by weather’s indifference to ground-dwelling creatures, either by frost or blazing windstorms, but enough survive each year to make their return a much anticipated event.

I’ve make so many pictures of flowers I can’t count them but most are just snapshots, not really saying much about the subject other than “here I am.”  For me it’s hard to get beyond the scientific documentation look of a flower photo, so I’ve started looking for other orders found in the flower world.  Some are not as obvious as others and some require a little adjustment to bring out, but it’s a wonderful way to keep the surprises coming each year.

The following is a photograph made by blending two flower portraits together and then puttering around in Photoshop until something interesting appeared on the screen.  The basic structure is from the flowers and is there in their being.  Rearranging it a little just gives us a chance to see them in a new manner.

ISO 200, 108mm, 1/320sec., f/4


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