More fun with old stuff

Continuing my work on Kodachrome film that was developed as B&W negatives I realized the traditional sharpness and detail of the film when processed as slides was not going to be equally apparent after this alternative process.  I’m sure there’s a really good technical reason why but I don’t know it and probably wouldn’t understand it.  So, you work with the materials you’re given.

Besides, this takes away my temptation to render all my B&W images as shades of grey.  In many of the images I got back the blacks are pretty solid with no detail and the highlights can be the same.  Why not work with that.

Here I tried to return some of the color I remember to the benches while maintaining the rest as monochrome (the original is all B&W – this is a Photoshop effect).

For this one I wanted the shadows to drive the viewer’s eye to the flower, where I attempted to recover some of the detail in the original image.

The original image was soft and it turns out the best feature is the way the light wraps around the subject while the fence remains black and the background featureless.  I left the wash streak on the left side because it just seemed to compliment the B&W effect.

I’d forgotten about making these images one day and now the idea of putting them together just seemed right to go along with the irony of the subject matter.

Odd that a film that for 75 years was just about the standard for color photography has suddenly become an experimental medium.  There  remain sellers of Kodachrome on eBay and I might pick some up to continue playing around.  I’d love to hear from anyone else who is continuing this tradition.


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