Highway to the clouds

ISO 100, 17mm, 1/640 sec., f/5.6

Driving through Badlands National Park we kept seeing this rainstorm in the distance but it was hard to tell if the rain was hitting the ground or not.  I used the cloud to get some mottled sunshine on the plains a few miles before we hit this stretch, where the rain was indeed getting all the way down.  What caught my eye was the reflection of the sky, cloud and rain in the main road and the side road, and the curve of the road seeming to turn into the rain and complete the path upward.  The cloud was small enough I could frame it almost entirely in the composition, letting the sun illuminate the edges with a glow while the center remained ominous and threatening.

It’s just this force that created the Badlands, thousands of years of rain gradually eroding the sedimentary plains into sharp-edged ridges and steep valleys.

ISO 100, 44mm, 1/200 sec., f/5.6

Standing on the prairie in the area it’s hard to remember the ground you are on is the result of what washed down from the top of the ridges, where the original plateau surface used to be.  All those years of water doing it’s work away from the sight of man, quietly turning the prairie into a national park.

ISO 100, 42mm, 1/500 sec., f/7.1



2 thoughts on “Highway to the clouds

  1. Nice cool blue tones in the rain cloud image, you caught it well. Love the third shot too, great location and your composition leads you nicely back in the shot, love the colours too.


    • Thanks, Kate. I thought it was an interesting transition from rugged desert to rain on the prairie. Badlands is one of the places I’d love to do an artist residency – hang around for a few weeks and get to know the moods of the region.

      Sort of like the south of France…..


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