And so it goes….

ISO100, 64mm, f/8, 5-image HDR

Amazing how we build and build and build, seeking to achieve some great thing, make a difference, solve a problem.  The simple issue of crossing a stream of water results in engineering, construction, maintenance.  We revel in our achievement, take pride in the utility of it, boast about the difficulties overcome to reach the result.

And then one day we abandon what we’ve created.

It’s no longer needed.  Priorities change, objectives are adjusted, management sets new goals, needs expand – what we marveled over just a short time ago is now inadequate in the face of our manifest expectations.

Ours in a young nation on the calendar of human history yet we have disposed of much we have created, leaving only the memories of triumph.

“I remember the day when we carved our names

on the old covered bridge in summer

and today they remain

thru the snow and rain

thru the years that time has weathered…”

Peter J. – The Old Covered Bridge

More about this particular bridge.


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