Writing thoughts

When I started this blog it was to supplement my photography website, a place for words in addition to pictures, a place to share what I’m learning about photography by showing images and talking about them.  Friends and colleagues were interested in how my photography was progressing and a blog seemed the reasonable way to capture my thoughts and share them.

I follow several photographers’ blogs myself.  When I click on them and find no updates I get a small sense of disappointment, like picking up today’s paper off the porch only to discover it’s a reprint of the previous day’s content.  As I have been writing this blog one of the major discoveries for myself is the amount of discipline required to put up new and interesting content each day.  As you have seen, it’s not a discipline I’ve fully adopted.

One reason I see is that looking over my posts I find a pretty standard pattern emerging:  show a photo, talk about it or the technique that produced it, add a little musing on some aspect of the location or equipment or emotion at the time, sign off with some thoughts.  Not particularly original but again my plan was to supplement my website with words – if people wanted more pictures they could click over to that site and browse.  Problem is when I have no photographs to add I don’t feel compelled to write, as if everything is tied around the image.  I’m realizing that perhaps, just perhaps, words can stand alone on this blog if I treat them with care equal to my images.  My entries can open up to a broader form of communication.

Like this one.  No pictures here today.  I’m writing this one after a week on the road, a very full week that made it hard to get around to posting anything.  What am I doing?  Our instructors in photo school insisted successful photographers have multiple streams of revenue because trends change, the economy goes up and down, people’s expectations for photography (and prices) varies, and unless you become one of the top 1% performers in photography, you have to find different ways to make money in this business.  I’m pretty sure when they gave us this advice they were thinking of multiple ‘photography’ streams of revenue but that’s not how it’s working out for me.

Leaving after a couple of decades in the food business I found I was still interested in what goes on in that area, what products are being made and how, who is working on interesting things.  A friend of mine got me involved with some consulting in the food business and I’ve been growing into that this year.  Not only does it keep me in touch with the business but with travel I get to see places where photography opportunities may lie.  I may take my camera with me or just jot a note to return in the future.  I’m finding it’s a good challenge, marrying what I feel ‘expert’ about with something I know I’m just a student with.

All of this talking is simply to describe why there will be future content that is unlike previous.  While on the road I don’t have my big digital image collection with me so the photographs I might add to blogs are limited.  Words are easy to carry around, though, and if I write well enough to illuminate my topic perhaps I won’t need those pictures…..at least for now and then.


2 thoughts on “Writing thoughts

  1. Interesting, I still think you need some pictures. You’ve been writing about how you got an image, I think now your images need to document/illustrate your time when not taking images. It will challenge you to take photo/photos that encapsulate what you have been doing so that you can use fewer words. For me blogging is still about images and getting to the point as quickly as possible.


    • Oh there will be pictures, just maybe not all the time like when I’m on the road. In my mind regular content is the discipline I seek and with my travel sometimes ‘no pictures’ becomes an excuse to not post something. I feel I’m letting myself off too easy with that so in essence I’m now giving myself permission to post even when pictures aren’t available. I very sure I don’t have enough to say if pictures aren’t involved…..

      Good points, though, and a good challenge.


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