In a rush

I’m wandering through the middle of Kansas this week – part of my other job as itinerant food consultant – and found a couple of places to get back for photography.  The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is a small remnant of the vast sea of grass that once covered the Great Plains and needs to be on a shoot list for spring (flowers) and fall (tallgrass).  Because of the Flint Hills in Kansas this part of the prairie wasn’t plowed but rather left as range so the prairie grasses have maintained their hold on the hills.  The area challenges the visitor convinced of Kansas’ flatness and concerned about miles and miles of straight, empty road to endure.  Little towns dot the landscape, each with some historical aspect to share as to why they are there and why you should care.

Migratory birds love Kansas in the fall.  Lots of watering holes, grain left in fields, strong north winds to push them southward – the honking of geese is a steady background sound for the visitor who pulls off, rolls down a window and just contemplates a life that is solidly non-urban.

No pictures from this trip yet – I’m shooting 35mm film in an Olympus camera we dusted off a week or so ago so have to wait.  Mostly snapshots to remember the area and urge me to bring back my other cameras for some serious viewing.


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