It’s still winter?

Weird winter this year, at least in eastern Nebraska.  Not only does the temperature not seem to understand it’s supposed to be COLD but we’ve only seen two snowfalls.  Not even a white Christmas.  Nothing worse than a grey Great Plains winter.

And now the last snowfall is leaving us.  About the only good thing I can say about that is B&W photography is more interesting when there’s more than solid white in the composition.  Around the local park we’ve still got some tall grass poking through the remaining drifts and they show off some yellow/orange color as well as some texture.  Color is actually important to B&W, at least for me where I use filters to adjust the contrasts and tones in different parts of the image.  In addition, a little blue sky popped through the growing overcast this afternoon, giving me something to work with to bring texture to what would otherwise be a sheet of grey.  I do like the way the fine detail of the tree branches show off against the sky – almost feathery.

ISO 100, 20mm, f/10, 4 image HDR

It’s been such a mild winter I don’t think the ice fishermen have gotten any time on the lake – ice is too thin.  There are still open leads in the lake, much to the joy of the Canada geese who are still hanging around the area.  I wonder if the fish feel the less-than-normal season?  At least the thinner ice has more texture to it than the thicker version – shows up really nice when you put a bright light across it.

ISO 100, 44mm, f/5, 5 image HDR

Looks like molten silver poured across the surface of the water.  Think what impact that must have made on the first human to see it.  What force of nature must this be, that can change water into something that looks like this?

An invisible source of light looks more interesting than actually showing the source, don’t you think?


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