And now a break from our winter programming

Really, I am learning to appreciate black and white as a way to improve composition skills and use tones to bring depth to an image.  Digital B&W processing is giving me so much more confidence in my film work, especially the large format versions.  Winter is a great time to practice all these skills…..

But my world is in COLOR!

I started out shooting slides, loving the look of those glorious colors on a light table.  There’s just nothing like that little 2×2″ piece of reality you’ve captured for memories and sharing.  I’ve looked at B&W slides – ain’t the same experience.  So, now as winter winds down for another season, I’m looking for color.

Sometimes you just have to make your own version of reality.

ISO 100, 19mm, 1/250 sec., f/5.6, two flash set up

I was strolling through one of those stores where people pick up all their supplies and training to make scrapebooks, unique cards, photo albums, etc. and saw all these brightly colored papers and it dawned on me – saturation.  So many of my images are ‘naturalistic’ yet I enjoy other people’s saturated visions of the world.  With these papers I have a great excuse to push my processing sliders way over to the right.

ISO 100, 147mm, 1/60 sec., f/16, two flash set-up

These papers are designed for various crafts where they are folded, cut and shaped so the colors are all the way through and very durable.  The first image is of paper strips made for quilling and these are what caught my eye initially.  I’m keeping them in the form you see but the playing around potential is enormous for these.  The second image is of card stock; playing the flash across the surface really brings out the texture of the paper.  I need to think a little more about how to play with these but I’m sure they will show up on the blog again.


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