New technology looming

Just got my Lightroom 4 upgrade and the first thing I learned is it won’t install on my iMac until I upgrade to Snow Leopard.  Yes, yes, I know – I’m a couple of OS’s behind but there continue to be problems printing on my Canon 9500 through Snow Leopard.  Some of the color control adjustments are not possible, an issue that Canon and Adobe are aware of but never got around to fixing in upgrades.  It’s a minor issue for me – I doubt I’ve used those adjustments since buying the printer but hate to give up any control – so upgrade I shall.  At least now my desktop and laptop will be running on the same platform.

Until I decide about Lion, Apple’s most recent OS X.  And the iCloud.

As I don’t need all my devices to talk to each other, staying up to date like a bunch of Facebook addicts, the concept of the “cloud” doesn’t move me to giggling excitement.  My devices do just what I need and rarely does the new feature come along delivering true benefits to my workflow.  So my approach has been to simply sit out so-called advances until I see something that complements or improves my processing.  Worked so far but now I’m starting to believe there’s a hard hurdle in my future.

Email, for example.  I’ve had a .mac account for a long time, enjoying the portability of an email address unattached to a local ISP.  Got mine set up way before most of the more recent “global” address systems like Gmail, Hotmail, etc.  I like it and have no reason to switch.  Now Apple tells me my email system will only work through the “cloud” and if I want to keep accessing my email I have to use their “cloud” service to do so.  And to get all the amazing features they’ve decided I can’t live without, I have to upgrade to Lion.  Sure, there are some workarounds to keep using Snow Leopard but the writing is on the wall – that operating system is being left in the dust at warp speed.

As it turns out, several of my applications don’t work on Lion – Apple neglected to work with the software designers to build upgrades.  So, if I want to keep using these applications, which I’ve customized to my use and would find hard to transfer to a different application, I’m confined to an “old” operating system.  If I want to make use of the “cloud” to have my information, applications, access floating around in some nebulous, probably unsecure virtual environment then I must upgrade to the “new” operating system.

Did I mention I just got an iPad?  Yeah, seems you can only get the most from it by “cloud” computing.  I told the Apple Genius at the store I simply wanted to use it as a dumb terminal to check email, read the news and show off photographs and she looked at me like I was an alien.  Or worse, a Luddite.  “You don’t want access to the tens of thousands of apps available, or spend your whole day browsing the millions being developed each day to make sure you aren’t behind the cutting edge by an hour or so?!”

Several good photographers I follow online continue to propose we spend less time at our computers and more behind our cameras.  I agree with this sentiment but seem to be spending more of my time just finding out I’m falling behind and how to deal with that just so I can continue making the images I enjoy.

It’s no wonder I enjoy view cameras and sheet film.  Make an app for that!


4 thoughts on “New technology looming

  1. You are so right, I made the mistake of upgrading last summer and it was a complete nightmare for weeks after as nothing worked right until all sorts of other upgrades took place. And worst of all I didn’t even find any of the new features on the software that required the upgrade to be of any use! I’m still using Lightroom 2 and considering I’m still not producing top quality images that often the editing features I have suit me fine. – could save a bit of time if they have some quicker features but I’ll offset that against the wear and tear of my brain that any further upgrades would cost at this moment in time 🙂

    And as for cloud, I guess that’s a whole new ballgame.


    • Kate,
      Took me the better part of 4 hours to complete all the upgrades to operating system and LR. Once I finally got a look at the new LR I also didn’t see anything I would be either using now that it’s available or that would significantly improve my workflow. Granted I’m not the power user Adobe is probably targeting! I hope they don’t get so enamored with the cloud and social media aspects of sharing that they allow the truly useful parts of the software to become harder to use.

      The map module is interesting but my camera doesn’t GPS tag my photos and I’m not going to stick pins in a virtual map for every image. The book module I might use simply to make some hardcover portfolios but only infrequently. I’ll need to play around with the develop module to see if it has changed but since most of my processing is in Photoshop that will be of less importance. Call me contrary but I spent so much time learning how to use Photoshop I’m going to put that knowledge to use!

      I upgraded mostly to stay current, knowing there will be future upgrades that hopefully impact my workflow more. Be interesting to hear others’ opinions.


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