Spring’s soaring spirits

“…falling so gracefully, like autumn leaves silhouetted against a river set afire by the sunset…” – Michael Forsberg, On Ancient Wings


Something you have to experience in person, surrounded by sounds of whispering wings and raucous cries.  Looking for an end of the procession of flying, gliding, soaring creatures and realizing they continue to come.  Seeing their forms against the bright water and realizing the sandbar moves because it is composed of living birds jostling for position.  Admiring their graceful landing approaches, legs outstretched and wings cupped, dropping at the last minute on the spot they selected from yards away.

It’s easy to become enthralled by it all, harder to understand why.


8 thoughts on “Spring’s soaring spirits

    • There are time when I’m torn between the detailed sharpness in images I strive for and the free-flowing sense from watercolor or Impressionism. This setting certainly lends itself to an approach other than straight documentary, doesn’t it. Thanks for your comment and visit.


    • It’s a sensory experience that’s hard to convey – the sound is as important as the sight. This past week Dr. Jane Goodall was on the Platte enjoying the migration as well so the cranes have a global audience for their show.


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