What’s up?

Hey buddy; can you spare a peanut?

We wander around the world gazing at eye-level and thinking that’s just what everything is supposed to look like.  Sure, some of us are taller than others, meaning dusting the tops of shelves is important for some guests but not others, but generally we share an eye-level version of the world around us.  Call it a horizontal bias offset by 5-6 feet upward.

But we are a significant minority of life on the planet.  All around lives much taller and shorter beings, each with their own bias about the world as it is.  Why should this interest us?  Because in spite of our evolutionary success at being a part of the biosphere we really aren’t the audience for much of what life presents.

Think it through.  Every living thing around us is there because it has successfully fit into the ecology surrounding it, which means its size, shape, appearance, etc. are all critical to its survival.  And to the survival of other beings.  Just as flowers are much more interested in attracting pollinators like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds than the admiring gaze of humans, all other life pretty much goes about its business without involving us, looking for food, shelter and mates.

So, that little guy in the picture above?  His view on the world is incredibly important to him because it’s where he’s going to find food, shelter and mates.  What must that world look like?

Well, in the flower garden, like this.

Holding a camera isn’t the only way to view the world.  Put it on the ground and get the chipmunk’s perspective on beauty.


11 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. This was such an awesome thought provoking post. I totally love taking photos from different perspectives. These photos are gorgeous but I’m picturing you on the ground in the dirt trying to get up underneath these flowers. LOL! Thanks for sharing this … it’s awesome and so true. 😀


  2. Love the perspective on the flowers. I’ll have to try your technique, since my knees don’t let me get up and down so easily any more!


    • Thanks, Kate. We got some good light that day and little wind. I used the Colorchecker Passport to adjust the colors for accuracy. I like how they are translucent – gives them a glow.


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