It’s all in what you want to see

Digital photography is a great invention, giving anyone a way to portray their way of looking at the world.  Among the camera (using the term loosely), gear and processing tools there are an infinite possibilities to show what each person is seeing.  Almost as good as walking a mile in someone’s shoes.

For example, there’s the standard tourist view:

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, Turnout at head of bay

Flocks of cars, motorcycles and bikes can be found at this very vantage point each day, clicking to make that postcard view as a way to remember and exclaim “I was here!”  Catch the sun at the right attitude and you too can create a much repeated view of the world.

Or, for something completely different:

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, from Vikingshold overlook, HDR panoramic

Move to a new location, pick a new time of day, run the images through processing to create a morning image that lends a little mystery to the location.  What realm of the world might this location be found?

Fun, huh?!

Sure, click those postcard images, make sure you record that you were there.  But take a little more time, move around a bit, come back later or earlier, don’t be afraid to adjust images outside your comfort zone.  An instructor of mine kept saying, “work the location.”  And I add, work the image.

Summer’s here – get out there.


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