Heat remedy

Well, it appears the terribly hot weather is finally moving out to sea after blistering most of the country for over a week.  If only I could have been at one of these places.

The great thing about beach photography is the dynamic nature of the subject.  There’s always something new happening every moment and all you have to do is be patient, watching for the combination of movements, elements and light that will merge to form an interesting composition.  Snapshots just don’t do justice to a  great beach – you have to take a lazy approach to the subject.  Wander along the water line, sprawl on the sand, sit on a pier and dangle your feet over the side, explore the tidal pools among the rocks.  You know, become part of the scene and learn what it can show you.

We can’t photograph mountains doing interesting things – geologic time shutter speeds aren’t readily available.  Waterfalls move but always in the same place, in the same direction, at the same speed.  But the beach, there’s a happening place.


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