What’s old is new again

It seems every time I get a new piece of equipment I have to go out and re-shoot lots of images I already have.  Somewhat this is driven by a desire to compare – does this make “better” pictures?  am this letting me seeing the scene in a different manner?  – and somewhat by being comfortable with local compositions.  I’m sure most photographers have a favorite place to practice their craft and test their equipment.  Look over different reviews online and you’ll probably see the same composition over and over again as the reviewer notes how this particular set of gear either helps make better or worse images.

One advantage an outdoor photographer has is the dynamic nature of just about everything.  I can go to the same location almost daily and see something different each day.  The passing seasons, hours of the day, weather, migrations – these all mean what I see will be changing all the time.  Much of the fun is paying attention to these micro-changes in a location that take place on the canvas of a steady macro-world, watching the world follow cycles of life and death and realize I’m a part of it as well as an observer.

Many professional photographers I know return to a location over and over, seeking to make an image that matches the exact vision they have for a composition.  The results are usually stunning.  Others simply take advantage of their skills to capitalize on the one time they visit a location.  My goal is to practice locally in order to be ready for the distant opportunities.  And who knows, in the process I may find a stunning image right in my own backyard.
What are you seeing in your local world?


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