Finally, some new images

For about the past six weeks I’ve been very limited in mobility due to tendonitis in one of my knees.  I have no idea how it came about and the truly gradual recovery has been driving me crazy but getting out into the woods until this past week would have been just about impossible.  Lifting my knee off the ground more than a few inches was practically impossible and going up and down any slope at all…well, I would have been better of just falling over and rolling.

As a result, blog images you’ve seen over the past weeks have either been pulled from my archive or pretty much shot out of the window of my car.  It’s been driving me crazy but finally, FINALLY, I’m able to get out and around without setting my recovery back.

Enough of the medical news.  Here’s a new image:

In spite of the drought here on the Plains the prairie grass is doing just fine, as you can see from the green areas around the trees (the dark green in the background is a soybean field).  Their roots go down many feet so they are pulling from water that regular lawn grass doesn’t even know exists.  Today was big puffy cloud day in the area so I pretty much just stood in one spot and waited for the cloud shadows to hit the landscape in an interesting pattern.  For this one I wanted the trees in the light with the shadow behind them so they would stand out better.  I got a nice shadow on the corn topping the distant hill as well, helping it stand out against the white sky.

This comes from a lens I’ve been testing  – the Olympus 14-35mm f/2 – that I’m really impressed with.  The sharpness from edge to edge is very good and its resolving power is better than my regular lens in this range.  To me the added sharpness helps the images with dimensionality as the details look more obvious.  It’s a subtle thing, I realize, but I can see it in side-to-side comparisons.

Getting out and just walking around has been the best therapy so far as I get the stiffness out and build back some muscle.  More new images to come!


4 thoughts on “Finally, some new images

    • Yeah, I’m used to an aspirin or two, an ice pack and a couple of days relaxing then back to normal. I really don’t want to ever again go through that but don’t have any idea what brought it on.

      Thanks for the compliment!


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