Just a step away

There’s a quote attributed to the California photographer Edward Weston regarding the problems of hauling heavy view camera equipment around for landscape images, “There’s nothing photogenic more than 500 yards from the road.”  With magazine articles and blog entries reveling in the distance and difficulty some photographers go in order to create images, I though I’d share a few photographs made literally by stepping out of my car (click on an image to see a larger version).  What have you seen by the side of the road that’s worthy of an image?


8 thoughts on “Just a step away

  1. Mel, a lesson I have learned from your post is that my favorite is actually the one that includes the road! Most of my shots would have been similar to the trees by themselves like the others above. It’s so easy to get caught up in the beauty of nature while you are on location. The one with the road opens my mind to create stories and demands expansion of content that isn’t in the picture. Wanting to know what lies beyond, the type of structures surrounding… ie: cabins, rustic homes, modern homes. Great post!!!


    • Thanks for your comments and insight. I intentionally picked out images that showed the road just to prove my statement about shooting by the side of the road! Sometimes I include the roads, streets, fences, etc. for context but haven’t thought about it they way you mention – enticing the viewer further into the story. Very good.


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