Warm color riot

Even a casual glance through these posts will reveal my bias for fall colors and give a sense of how much I really enjoy this time of year.  Having been able to live in different parts of the country, I’ve seen how fall displays vary from region to region.  Most people, when asked to visualize fall colors, probably default to the northeastern forests, but I’m guessing this is because these scenes get so much time in front of people by their appearance on television, movies, posters, photo galleries and people’s snapshots.  As it turns out, color changes in the fall in just about every part of the country.  Don’t be fooled by this map.  Where there are deciduous trees, there will be fall color.  The hue, saturation and duration will vary but the observant person can usually enjoy the season’s colors just about anywhere.

Even in Nebraska.  Most of the trees on the Plains congregate around sources of water – streams, ponds, rivers – either because that’s where the water is or because those areas were just too hard to plow back when the Plains were being turned into a vast farmland.  So for fall colors, follow the water.  Two places are consistently pointed to by the Parks Commission when people ask about fall colors – Indian Cave State Park and Arbor Lodge State Historical Park.  This week we managed to spend time in both to catch up on our fall color enjoyment.  Here are some of the more memorable scenes – click on any image to see a larger version.


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