Spread things out a bit

I’ve been seeing this type of display from other landscape photographers so I thought I’d try it out.  I like the play on lines – horizontal and vertical – between the elements of the image and the framing.  It feels like it works with this image, which is soft and hazy, because there are so few sharp edges in the actual image to conflict with the hard lines of the framing.

What do you think of opening up a photograph in this fashion?


6 thoughts on “Spread things out a bit

  1. Your subject worked well for this treatment (and I think the black border really enhances the effect). Sometimes I think that panorama shots are so wide that they strain the eyes, but your framing helps to break up the image into digestible bites for the eyes (I think I just mixed metaphors, but hope you understand what I mean).


    • I agree. Panoramics are usually meant to give a sense of the place but they can offer too much information for a glance. I can see why this treatment is showing up just for the reasons you state.


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