Look where I’m pointing

Photographers, as most graphic artists, have many tools at their fingertips to guide viewers to specific aspects of an image.  For me one of the strongest is the crop, a decision on the dimensions and perspective an image will have in its final state.  Combined with design elements in the image itself, the crop can elicit an almost involuntary reaction in viewers.  They have to look where you direct, at least first, and linger where you want.  After the subject, the crop may be the most memorable aspect of a photograph.

Here are some examples of extreme crops made to complement the subject matter made to give you little license on where to look!

Mamiya 6, 50mm, f/11, 1/250 sec., Kodak TMax 400

Mamiya 6, 75mm, f/8, 1/125 sec., Kodak TMax 400

Mamiya 6, 75mm, f/16, 1/500 sec, Kodak TMax 400, Red 25 filter

Mamiya 6, 75mm, f/11, 1/125 sec., Kodak TMax 400


4 thoughts on “Look where I’m pointing

  1. That is powerful. It reinforces what you want me to notice first – likely the same thing you first saw when you encountered the scene. One thing about that series is how man is fixated on straight lines – something the natural world doesn’t spend that much time considering. Nice collection. Thanks.


    • Thanks for your comment and compliment. Straight lines are rare in nature, where curves are the powerful design element. I’m still learning how to use the simple elements before advancing to the “real” ones!


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