Airplane doodling

I rarely use my laptop for image processing – calibration of the screen is always questionable and brightness gets changed depending on ambient lighting.  Still, what is one to do on a four hour flight when all the magazines and shopping guides in the seat back have been read and battery life on the Kindle precludes getting involved in yet another novel?  If nothing else, it’s a good time to exercise the laptop battery!

Pulled up the following random shots to see what I could do with them, trying to get some depth or detail that would make them interesting to look at for a bit.  Looking over them I’m struck by some common themes, which apparently I included by reflex while looking through the viewfinder.  That’s pleasing – that I’m seeing in the images while creating them aspects that will be interesting after they’ve been created.  For example, each has a pretty obvious subject, either due to contrasts, colors, focus or placement.  That alone is a big improvement in my photography.  Glad to know I can recognize what I’m making an image of!  Also, there are interesting features other than the subject but they complement rather than overwhelm the subject.  Balance is a great thing in images, at least in the type I like making, so it’s again good to realize I’m starting to see it.

On my laptop screen it’s good to see the exposure and processing turned out pretty good.  I’ll have to print them to see what they’ll look like but so far I’m surprised at how well working in a dark plane on a questionably calibrated screen actually turned out.

Does raise an interesting question.  Is an image only “real” once it has been printed?  Vote now and vote often.


Click on any image to see a larger version.


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