Where water sticks

Wind blown snow reveals many things about the weather.  Which way was the wind blowing?  What type snow was falling?  How much snow was falling?  It’s all right there in the coating on the the trees, the frozen plaster left behind by Nature’s passage across the plains.

This small grove is in the Amana Colonies of Iowa, just a few feet north of the community cemetery (you can see some headstones in the distant background).  We were driving through the Colonies for the first time, just looking around, and this scene popped up just on the edge of town.  The sun was shining after a couple of days of blizzard and the area looked so clean and refreshed in the sunlight.  We managed to miss the blizzard while in Chicago and were coming west just as the residents of Iowa and Nebraska were digging out so for them this sight probably didn’t merit a second glance.  For us, though,  it’s the first true snow of Winter and we were glad to see it portrayed in such graceful style.


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