New commercial product pricing

Photography is just about omnipresent on the web these days.  You can find and have just about any type of image you want with just a little searching and comparison shopping.  Thankfully in the midst of all these choices many of you come to my site, look at my images and leave very nice comments about what you see.  I do appreciate your time and interest in my work and hope to continue hearing from you in 2013.

Because of your enthusiasm I’ve evaluated my commercial site’s reason to be and decided for the coming year it’s important visitors not be deterred by prices when they want a product of mine.  Pictures on the web are good previews but if you’re like me the ‘real thing’ is a print on the wall.  In order to help interested visitors move from web to wall, I’ve reduced all the prices on my site and added a few new products.

I’m continually impressed with the quality of work produced by the professional labs I use; they really push me to provide excellent images to meet the level of performance they hold themselves to in printing and finishing.  Whether your attraction is a traditional print, a metal print, framed work or contemporary mounting, I believe you’ll find an image and product to match your interest.

Thank you for your continued visits, comments and support.  Have a very happy 2013!


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