Can beauty coexist with the beast?

ISO 100, 14mm, 1/100 sec., f/8

ISO 100, 14mm, 1/100 sec., f/8

This time of year it is so obvious there are two types of people in the world.  Those who can appreciate the simplicity of a snow covered field and those who find it incomplete until they have left their mark on it.  I wonder what signs of this latter creature we should be looking for during the other seasons where tracks are more difficult to observe?  People who find the world inadequate without their personal stamp are around us all the time.  Some come in the guise of titans of business, academia and politics with the self-proclaimed aim of bending the world (and us by default) to their will.  Others show up as bores, busybodies, self-promoters and road hogs.  For me it a pity that this time of the year where pristine is the attribute of beauty we are confronted with those who find it merely a canvas for their indulgence.

It’s not that I would have no means of travel once snow lies on the ground.  How else would I get to the places I want to admire?  This is a photograph of a parking lot, after all.  I do like the lines and how the late evening sun details them against the solid white surroundings.  No, I’m against actions where people go out of their way to tear up the scenery, putting their person graffiti in as many out of the way places as possible with the basic pleasure to simply destroy pristine.

ISO 100, 76mm, 1/40 sec., f/8

ISO 100, 76mm, 1/40 sec., f/8

Fortunately the ice on the lakes is too thin to support anyone interested in crossing it but thick enough to stop the casual fisherman from stomping along the shore.  The light snow layer provides a good surface for shadows to play across and gaps in the trees allow select beams of sunlight to shoot across the opening to highlight where trees poke through the winter covering.  Challenging – to show the details of the snow in the sunlight while also showing the details of the trees and ice in the shadows.  My goal with this image was to achieve this without HDR, relying only on my camera’s dynamic range and my post-processing skills to bring out the elements I want in the image.


4 thoughts on “Can beauty coexist with the beast?

    • Perhaps a call for more actively involved photography? Modify the world to look the way you want? Unfortunately it’s so much harder to subtract the imprint of others when my view of the world expects the absence of human touch.


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