What’s your perspective

Effective composition results in interesting images.  No brainer there but sometimes there are multiple possibilities for a single image.  Effective perspective delivers emotional impact in addition to interesting images.  And it can sometimes be the simplest of things.

For example, how do you photograph your roaring lions?  It does seem to make a difference how you pose them to get the greatest effect.  Should you emphasize noses?


Or manes?

Hard to decide.  Here’s all three for comparison:

Portrait photographers address this issue constantly to deliver the most flattering image of their subject and it does get harder as more people are added to the group.  People who study faces and catalog what we react to for beauty follow the rule of thirds as well, it seems.  The most dramatic pose doesn’t target the center of someone’s face but rather above the nose, with 1/3 of the face above and 2/3rds below.  Looks like it works for lions as well!

What do you think?


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