Snowfall time lapse

Every noticed how snow turns the world white almost without you noticing?  Glance out a window and you suddenly realize it has snowed and quietly covered your yard with a clean, white blanket.  Wouldn’t it be nice to watch that happen?

We’ve been hearing about a serious snowstorm coming our way for a couple of days so I set up a camera to look out my office window and used a remote shutter release to take a picture a minute until I got a little over 125 pictures (good exercise for while you are working on emails!).  I made some minor adjustments to the exposure on all of them, dropped them into iMovie with a short duration between each, and converted the whole thing into a 30 sec. video.  It’s pretty interesting to watch how nothing dramatic happens until you suddenly realize the scene is white.  Where did that come from?!

Take a look and see what you think.


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