Slowly the seasons creep in

For a couple of days it really seemed that spring was here to stay.  Visited a local park over my Lake Michigan after work to enjoy the nearly 80 degree weather and found it teeming with playing kids, biking enthusiasts and people just strolling around in shorts.  Most of the lakeshore south of Milwaukee is parkland and I imagine it gets well used when the weather is nice.  Great to see the water’s edge hasn’t been completely boxed out by narrow-gauge subdivisions.

Nature believes the seasonal change is upon us even if there are days we’re wearing heavy coats.  The forest floor was littered with little yellow flowers that apparently popped up in just a couple of days because they weren’t there earlier in the week.  Don’t know what they are – perhaps someone out there can identify them?

Walking around the park I noticed there must have been quite a bit of damage from storms this winter as several trees were blown over and had been cut off the trail.  I took advantage of this to continue my without-a-good-reason photo series of tree rings.

The park seems to have been around for quite a while – I’d guess it dates back to the early 1900’s.  The trails are paved with flagstones and where they circle around the hills there are stone walls lining the cuts made for the trails.  I really liked the way the sun was coming through the still leaf-less trees and weaving a shadow web across the trail.  Felt almost medieval, like a lost castle in the deep woods.

All of these images were made with my recently purchased Olympus film lens, the 35-80mm f/2.8.  Unlike the new digital lenses that have been designed from the blank page to optimally cast light onto a digital sensor, this lens was created to put a circle of light on a flat piece of film.  It’s hard to describe but the resulting image almost has a film-like quality to it.  Perhaps I’m simply dreaming and romanticizing what I want it to look like but I’m finding my compositions are slightly different using this lens, and that has me seeing things different as well.


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