Walk in the park

Spring is rapidly remaking the landscape here; each day the trees and bushes look fuller and more green.  Almost as if the plants have a schedule to keep regardless of the temperature and cloud cover.  Been out in the surrounding neighborhoods a lot looking at houses for relocation and each weekend drive is a new experience.  After several years on the Plains it’s good to see forests, marshes and lakes again.

Not that spring is a season we have to wait on.  There are a couple of very nice botanical gardens in Milwaukee, one of which has three glass domes housing different ecosystems.  The Domes at Mitchell park are visible from the city across the valley, beckoning the driver to wander over if only to see what the odd protrusions are sticking out above the trees.  You can wander through desert, jungle and show garden by simply walking from one dome to the other.  Great opportunity for different photography challenges.

I found the shapes most compelling during this trip, although there was a little color I couldn’t pass up.


4 thoughts on “Walk in the park

    • Been busy with my other, non-photographic life. Finally took time to literally stop and smell the flowers. Thanks for the comment – I liked the light as well. Somehow B&W just made it better.


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