Old lens, new tricks

Saw this limb and shadow while out today and immediately realized it would be a nice B&W HDR.  Used an Olympus film lens on my E-3 and ran through 19 exposures to get the detail in the bright highlights as well as some detail in the shadowy lake bottom.  Processed through the latest NIK HDR Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro to result in the image I wanted.  Time in darkroom – zero.

When this lens was produced computers still fit into rooms and stacking negatives was the only way to deal with very wide dynamic range.  Now the processing is a few clicks on a computer but the design capabilities of the lens remain the same.

Now high-end lens manufacturers like Zeiss are making lenses for compact, mirrorless cameras, whose sensors are approaching full-format sizes.  Perhaps one day we’ll all be shooting with Leica rangefinders or the equivalent.

Except for the wildlife photographers, of course, who will still need their bazooka lenses to get the gleam in an eagle’s eye from 100 yards away!


2 thoughts on “Old lens, new tricks

  1. Mel, well done. I love the subdued detail in the background and especially in the darker shadows. Thanks for sharing this.



    • Jim, good to hear from you and thanks for the comment. The more comfortable I get with my B&W images the more opportunities I see out in the world to take the color out. Really does make the composition work harder though!


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