Behind the scene

Why the seemingly random series of scenes here?  This is the prime location of my next series of photography adventure – the backyard.

After looking around Milwaukee in just about every direction, we found a house that met our expectations, one being an interesting setting with trees and not so much manicured lawn.  Where we’ve settled has a nice combination of both.  The front of the lot presents a semi-rural suburban presence of trees, mowed lawn, flower beds.  The back 2/3rds of the lot are what you see here – the woods.

It’s called an upland conservation area on the maps but what it means is a small slice of forest cutting through our subdivision.  Untamed, unkempt, unworried with the tidy, structured appearance necessary for more traditional suburbia, this area is a mix of hard- and soft-woods running along a small gully behind the few houses on our side of the street.  Already I’ve seen deer, turkey, squirrels, lots of birds in the woods, and yesterday we saw a couple of sandhill cranes picking over the lawn down the street.  Fall promises to be a marvelous color palette from maples, birch and oaks set against the green of pines and fir.

It’s not a grand landscape such as the western US provides and it’s not an untamed wilderness but it’s our small plot of the country and we’re looking forward to seeing what adventures we can have watching over it and its citizens.  As I get this blog back to a more regular publication schedule you’ll see all this as well since this will be my studio where I continue to refine my craft of visual imagery.


4 thoughts on “Behind the scene

  1. I’m excited, Mel, for you and for us. You should have some great opportunities for photos and we’ll have the chance to benefit from your knowledge and experience (which is really important for those of us still pretty new to photography).


    • Mike
      Thanks for the vote of confidence! I am pretty excited about the local scene as well as the new landscape so you’ll be seeing some different images. Hopefully they will be interesting and educational.


    • Thanks, Kate. Different backyard than your new house but pretty typical if our area and climate. 2013 will be a crazy year but we’re starting to see the end of the disorganization. It’s great to have photography as a constant through all this change.


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