The forest at our feet

ISO 100, 100mm, 1 sec., f/8

I’m really in a B&W mood these days, probably because everything around here is just so green.  The monochromatic appearance of the forest makes it hard to compose something dimensional, so I’ve started wandering around looking downward to investigate the floor of the woods.  Such diversity there, all sorts of mosses, ferns, small shoots of newly sprouted bushes and trees, and the occasional fungi.  I expect it would be easy to spend an afternoon examining a square yard of the forest floor, finding interesting compositions among the denizens that reside there.

Today’s light was from partly cloudy skies, giving me a giant softbox delivering an even light through the forest canopy.  When I processed this image in Silver Efex Pro I realized it looks like a tabletop still life created with studio lighting.  The shadows are soft and subdued, and the highlights are even without glaring.  Even the one puffball that is the subject rendered with details in the bright parts.  Focus is good (sturdy tripod, manual focusing via Live View), depth of field is appropriate for the scene.

Just a small plot of land surviving in miniature.  All these residents will probably be gone next week.  So glad I got to know them today.


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