Little drifts

Winter in Nebraska consists of much time watching the snow blow toward Kansas, piling up against any vertical object getting in its way.  This results in great curvilinear dunes of snow with abstract shapes but little in the way of mounds of snow.  Today Wisconsin is showing an alternative way for winter to blanket the area.

We’re having our first real winter snow and the conditions are just right for actual snowflakes to form.  With little wind to speak of, the flakes are slowly falling straight down, grabbing any surface that will hold them and building up height.  The rock wall in the image above has small shelves on each stringer of stone and wherever the snow could find a place to settle, little snow mounds appeared.

This would rarely be seen where we lived before.  The wind would either bury the wall in snow or strip it clean of any that tried to settle there.  It’s only the soft, easy wafting of fully formed flakes that could create such a view as this.

Winter’s message each year is the same – slow down, quiet down, rest, reflect, prepare for the new year.  Snow teaches us how to relax when it’s given the chance.


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