Images of the Year – 2013

Looking through my Lightroom catalog for this past year I’m surprised at the number of images I made in 2013.  With all the moving around and getting resettled in a new state, a new house and new job I felt my time was otherwise occupied but it does appear I managed to squeeze off several shots after all.  Here are the ones I like the most.

Thanks for visiting my site in 2013.  I hope to see you back in the coming year.

January - winter fog

January – winter fog

February - tiny snowball closeup

February – tiny snowball closeup

March - Great Lakes Beacon

March – Great Lakes Beacon

April - Peaceful Glade

April – Peaceful Glade

May - Conservatory Cacti

May – Conservatory Cacti


June - Food on the Go

June – Food on the Go

July - Twin Starbursts

July – Twin Starbursts

August - Textural Study

August – Textural Study

October - Old Friends, New Location

September – Old Friends, New Location

October - Phases of Change

October – Phases of Change

November - Seasonal Array

November – Seasonal Array

December - Connecting

December – Connecting



6 thoughts on “Images of the Year – 2013

  1. Mel, each of these is fantastic. What a great year of photographs!!! All I can say is keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful 2014.


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