From the prairie…

Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana

Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana

…sometimes you feel like mountains.

As a kid growing up in the Southeast it seemed this spot in far away Montana was on another planet, a location that existing but one I’d never get around to seeing myself.  Fortunately life took the right turns to put me here several times to enjoy the sights and sounds of the high country.

Where have you visited that you never thought you’d see?


6 thoughts on “From the prairie…

    • Thanks, Kate. I’ve glanced over this one in my catalog several times but yesterday something just clicked and I saw the way it should be presented. Tonal quality turned out nicely. Can’t beat the subject!


  1. You pose a fascinating question, Mel, that probably deserves more thoughtful consideration, but my initial response would probably be Romania. I never suspected that the first foreign country that I would visit would be Romania. In 1972, the world was far less open, especially Eastern Europe, but somehow a singing group in my high school that I was in was permitted to do a tour in Romania and Czechoslovakia. What an eye-opening experience for an 17 year old. Since then, my service in the Army and in the government has taken me to a lot of different places in the US and overseas. (To give you a little context, before I joined the Army, the farthest west and south that I had been in the US was New York City.)


    • Wow, Mike, now that’s a place I haven’t even thought about visiting. I’m sure that was a mind-expanding experience for you. Although I know great images can be made in your backyard it’s always nice to have choices in your compositions. Thanks sharing that about your life.


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