Winter endures

Many people here are ready for spring, not because of the lingering snow as much as the single digit temperatures that just won’t go away.  I can see their point but isn’t it just wonderful the stark difference winter has to the rest of the year?  Don’t we appreciate the other three quarters because of the way this one fourth affects us?

Granted, much of my enjoyment comes from performance fabrics, appropriate footwear and layers of warm clothing.  I test myself against the rigors of the season intentionally, fortunate that I don’t have to be tested by an inability to be prepared.  There are unfortunate people who dread winter, unable to afford heating or enough food or even shelter.  I can’t imagine living just a bit removed from our ancestral caves, surrounded by a modern society finding winter a temporary inconvenience.  My perception of winter would be radically different if from a steam grate or corner of a bus station or in the back seat of a car that served as living quarters.

Being able to get out with my camera gear and compose images while inside of my high tech cocoon is not something I think lightly about, regardless of how I seem to talk about the season.  It’s hard on people and animals, the brutal relentlessness of evolution, biology and physics.  Keep that in mind when you have the opportunity to help someone or something less able to manage winter.


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