Wasn’t summer just here?

In 1816 a convergence of solar conditions and volcanic activity resulted in a significant lowering of temperature in the northern hemisphere.  What resulted as has been called an agricultural disaster.  Between the cooler temperatures throughout the summer and unusual patterns of rain or fog many crops never matured and food supplies fell.  It is speculated that farmers in New England and the upper east coast started a movement west because of the bad weather, beginning the settlements of the Midwest and leading to the expansion onto the Great Plains.

Why do I bring this up?  Because this summer has been very pleasant if you like cool, slightly wet weather.  In this area of Wisconsin we’ve rarely seen days in the 90’s and enough rain to really green up the corn, soybeans and lawns.  If you hate heat and humidity, this has been the place to be.

One result of this, though, is some foliage believes fall is coming much earlier than usual.  Sumac is turning bright red, summer plants are blooming later and berries on trees are ripening.  It looks like the harbingers of seasonal changes are telling us something.

For an autumn photographer – no problem!



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